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Home Studio Feature: guitarstreet by Sheng Li

A guitarist and singer based in Singapore, Sheng Li fell in love with performing while busking, fascinated by the spontaneity of sharing music with people on the streets. In 2023, after busking for 7 years, he took part in UFM100.3’s inaugural busking competition《街头霸王》and clinched the title of “Busk King”. Besides performing, he enjoys collaborating with other musicians and inspiring people to pick up the guitar. While he has been teaching guitar since 2012, he is currently focused on honing his craft as a performing musician, and plays regularly for weddings and events.

Tell us your approach or inspiration on building your own home studio?

I love playing music and collaborating with other musicians, and it has always been my dream to create my own music space. Unlike many studios that can feel dark and claustrophobic, I aimed to create a space with a bright, comfortable, and homely atmosphere. This is the essence of my home studio, largely achieved by the 4-panel soundproof windows that allow abundant natural light to fill the room. My goal was to make guests feel instantly at ease when they enter the studio, so we can be quickly ready to dive into whatever projects we were working on.

Acoustic treatment is the most important for a home studio, so I opted for locally-made acoustic panels by ehkaf, and they made a huge difference in my recordings. Due to budget constraints, I also incorporated some panels from Taobao to cover the entire room. Being a fan of wood, I selected a stunning Pheasantwood standing desk from Omnidesk and chose light-colored wood for other elements like blinds and acoustic diffuser panels. Given the limited space (this was originally a study room), functionality was crucial. Therefore, I have two spacious cabinets for storage and a bookshelf that functions as a pleasant backdrop while aiding in sound diffusion.

What are your favourite key pieces of gears In your home studio?

SSL 12 Audio Interface: With its 4 channels, I can capture live recordings of multiple musicians simultaneously, and the audio quality is both clean and crisp. I love that it has 2 headphone outputs, and is fully powered by USB-C. Link:

Adam Audio A7V Studio Monitors: These studio monitors are accurate, balanced and pack a lot of punch. What stands out for me is the seamless integration of room correction data from Sonarworks directly into these monitors, eliminating the need for extra software. This ensures that my speakers are consistently tuned to my room, resulting in more precise and accurate mixes.

Warm Audio WA273-EQ: You can have the best microphone in the world, but if it doesn't have the adequate power, it won't deliver a good sound. That's where the WA273-EQ microphone preamp comes in. It helps me to get the best sound out of each and every microphone I use.

Noise Plaster Soundproof Windows: Residing beside a bustling road means my neighbourhood isn't the quietest. Nevertheless, after incorporating these windows, the transformation was remarkable. Now even when it's raining outside, I can still produce high-quality recordings. Undoubtedly, investing in these windows was the single best decision for my home studio.

Do you or your space offer any services people can hire for?

I offer recording studio services, so people are welcome to come in to record a song (vocals or instruments).

I also work as a performing musician, providing live music for weddings and events.

Contact Information:

HP: 96995424

Equipment list

Music Instruments

  • Martin D-18E 2020 Acoustic Guitar

  • Taylor GS Mini Koa

  • G&L Fullerton Deluxe ASAT Classic Bluesboy Electric Guitar

Audio Equipment

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